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Muller Martini ValoreHorizon VAC 100 ac

Smyth Freccia F180-4D

Smyth Freccia F180-4D

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Описание товара

Вид оборудования:

Ниткошвейный автомат


Smyth s.r.l.



Год выпуска:



320x420 мм


200 часов

Краткое описание:

The machine is complete with:

Feeding System with three Reforming Wheels  

Kicker wheel with computerized speed adjustment  

Heading up System consisting of pushing heater on the side tail and gripper on the head  side.

Te gripper is equipped with sucking system (to increase its traction) that can be  activated or not from the PC.  

Book separating device with cutting-off operating knives to separate automatically sewn books up to a minimum of 2 signatures (blind stitch required).  

Automatic Lubrication System with computerized electric pump and oil pressure control  throughout the system and oil level control by thrust meter  

Air powered brake

Extended Delivery equipped with Transport System (with speed adjustment) to discharge  sewn books

Three phase electrics at 380 V. + neutral, with controlled speed drive motor with slow start  and progressive automatic increase until pres-set speed  

Thread Break Detector

Transport System of sewn books at the exit of the Sewer (manual adjustment) with side  supporting knives on chains.  

Pneumatic brake to stop the machine where there is a cycle alarm. The same brake serves  as handbrake (protection)  

Operator interface consisting of 10” screen with colour Touch Screen

Video TOUCHSCREEN pivoting Console

Light on stitching area  

Set of guards to embody Sewer/Feeder (safety protection and noise insulation).  

Automatic opening frontal guard.

The FEEDER SECTION is supplied complete with:

- Suckers carriage equipped with:  

FOUR Upper Suckers

FOUR Lower Suckers  


- 4+4 Suckers programming  

- Suckers timing auto set up

- Operating controls of machine cycle and diagnostic

- Statistics and machine parameters

- Computerized Lap opener (to open signatures with overlap).

- Computerized auto set-up

- Auto set-up Upper and Lower Suckers

- Auto set-up of Signature Pushers

- Auto set-up of book Delivery Platform and Side Knife

- Sequential set-up message to operator

- Computerized speed variation (main and kicker wheel motors)

-  Speed variation is specifically referred to an individual signature and to a particular

slowdown area.

TECHNICAL DATA F180 4D                     

Max. Signature Size: 320 (foredge) X 420 (spine) mm .

Min. Signature Size: 80 X 140 mm.

Max. Mechanical Speed: 180 cycles/min.

Air Consumption (external supply) 300 Nl/min. 5 bar

Openings available: 4 above , 4 below

Stitch number: 9

Stitch lenght : 24 mm.

Rated Power: 7 Kw

Net Weight: 3500 kg

Sizes: 317x197x H 170 cm.  





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